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What if I change my mind?

October 30, 2016 7:01 pm Published by

Lets face it very few things in life are really set in stone.  So many things can happen in life that may make you change your mind about vasectomy. I had a good friend who underwent a vasectomy while we were in residency.  His wife drove him to his appointment and came to the procedure to make sure he went through with it.  Something I see every week in the clinic.

Five years later, I receive a text asking what it would take to get his vasectomy reversed.  I had lost touch with him after residency and fully expected the next line to be that he was getting remarried after a divorce (the most common reason for reversal).  I was relieved to hear that he was still married and they were still happy, but his wife just knew they had one more baby that needed to be in their family.  So he was reversed and she got pregnant.

There really are many reasons to change ones mind about vasectomy.  There is no guarantee that reversal will be successful.  It really is important to be sure of your decision before having your vasectomy but if your life situation changes there are options.

First, a reversal will be successful in between 70-90 percent of cases, depending on the experience of the specialist performing the reversal.  There is an issue with cost, but it can be managed in the majority of cases.

Second, other options like testicular biopsy, with extraction of sperm, can also yield enough sperm to allow for pregnancy.

So, keep in mind that one should not move forward with vasectomy until they are confident in the decision.  However, if life happens, and it will, you have options.

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