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October 3, 2016 7:19 pm Published by

Busting Common Myths About Vasectomy

If you are reading this you certainly have an interest in vasectomy.  If not, why would you be here right?  It also means you have probably been other places looking for information to help make decisions about vasectomy. If you look hard enough you will find just about anything.

Let me first dispel a few of the most common myths that are associated with vasectomy.

Myth #1—Vasectomy leads to an increase risk of cancer

There are several myths about vasectomy being related to testicular cancer or prostate cancer.  This has been researched and it is conclusive that there is no relationship between vasectomy and cancer.  There have been millions of men who have undergone vasectomy as a permanent form of birth control.  With millions of men having undergone the procedure, it would be clear if there were a significant relationship between vasectomy and cancer.  Every year in the United States, between 500,000 and 1,000,000 men will undergo vasectomy.  It is safe to say that if there were a connection between vasectomy and cancer, it would be clear by now.

Myth #2—The Vas is needed for normal testicular function

This too has been studied.  The vas is simply a tube through which sperm travels.  The sperm that travels through the vas does not contribute to testosterone production.  The function that most people associate with the testicle is that of testosterone production.  It is the hormone that leads to virility.  There is no evidence that exists that there is any reduction in testosterone after vasectomy.  Sexual performance remains unchanged after vasectomy with only minimal (not enough to be noticed) reduction in the volume of the ejaculate.

Myth #3—A toxic build up of sperm that can cause injury

This is probably my favorite myth of all those I have come across.  The truth is there is no build up of sperm.  The sperm cell actually has a relatively short half life.  If a person were to avoid having any ejaculation for around 2-3 months the exact same thing would happen to sperm as what happens after a vasectomy.  The body is very efficient at recycling the sperm that have not been ejaculated.  They simply break down and are recycled into new sperm.  Of course it is not that simple, but essentially that is what happens.  There is simply no long term build up of sperm in the system and it reaches a point of balance.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.  I would challenge you research this out for yourself using accredited sources.

Best of luck as you weigh the pros and cons of this decision just do not let mis information serve as your main information making this decision.

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